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Voteless Not Voiceless

A Teen-Powered Get Out the Vote Campaign

Our collective future depends on electing leaders up and down the ballot who are committed to taking bold action on climate change that is informed by science and centered on justice. Extreme weather events, melting polar regions, sea level rise, drowning coasts, biodiversity loss… Our blue planet is in crisis, and 2020 is a critical election year for the U.S. to turn the tide on the climate emergency.

Young people will face the worst impacts of climate change. But even though they can’t yet vote, youth can shift the hearts and minds of those who can. By raising our voices together, we can build a healthier and safer future for our families, friends, and communities, and for our blue planet.
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“Voteless” youth (ages 13-17) from the U.S. are sharing their stories through short videos and written statements about environmental issues that impact them. We want to hear your visions, too: If you could vote, what future would you vote for?

The goal is to share and amplify these stories across social networks, inspiring voters to cast their ballots for healthy environments, for resilient communities, and for a climate-safe future for all. Join the movement and invite your friends. Let’s speak out together!

Bergen Tech Students Share Their Stories

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