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Student Art Gallery

Middle school students across Bergen County participated in Creative Bergen Youth's art contest. The art pieces reflect the theme of Climate Hope. 

All artwork is the property of the artist and no material can be reproduced by others without the prior written consent of the artist/parent/guardian.

Award Winning Student Artists

Grand Prize

Brandan C

6th Grade

1st Place: Hailey K

2nd Place: Alicia C

3rd Place: Yujin K

Honorable Mention: Yuna L

7th Grade

1st Place: Stephanie C

2nd Place: Rosie K

3rd Place: Hyaemhin M

Honorable Mention: Harrison K

8th Grade

1st Place: Dana W

2nd Place: Thalia R

3rd Place: Sarah K

Honorable Mention: Zeno P

Ocean Conservation

Land Conservation / Biodiversity

Renewable Energy

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