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Vote on Fracked-Gas Power Plant Proposal in Newark Postponed

Thanks to the hundreds of people who called and emailed Governor Murphy and the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, and to all of those who marched in solidarity at the March for Clean Air in Newark, Governor Murphy directed PVSC to delay the vote to begin building a new fracked gas power plant in Newark.

The power plant is a glaring example of environmental injustice that targets Newark, one of the most polluted cities in the world, and directly violates Governor Murphy's commitments to environmental justice and climate action. This power plant, a massive waste treatment facility, would be the third major power plant in a frontline community of color that is already struggling from the toxic impacts of a massive trash incinerator, airport, thousands of diesel truck trips daily, and more.

The delay of PVSC's vote is a critical short-term victory for clean air and climate justice, but now we enter the most important weeks and months of this fight. That's because PVSC continued to greenwash their dirty power plant at last weeks' meeting, and the Governor and PVSC have only committed to pause the project so a more robust environmental justice review and stakeholder engagement can occur. We need Governor Murphy to not just delay the vote on the gas plant, but to make a strong public commitment to do this project in a way that upholds his climate and environmental justice commitments.

Send a letter to Governor Murphy to thank him for delaying the vote and to call for consideration of clean energy solutions!

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