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My Inspiration Behind Generation Green

My parents are Generation X. Millennials are Generation Y. And, as the alphabetical sequence dictates, I am Generation Z. But what’s next? I cannot help but to think that the letter Z may be hinting at an end. It reminds me of the flashing 10% battery notification, the last petal hanging from a withering flower, or even worse yet: the earth screaming for help as it is being drained of every last resource.

Unfortunately, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the environment is in desperate need of help. The climate is changing, and the future of Generation Z, and those of that follow us, are at risk. According to climate reports published by the UN, oceans are rising, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent, and global temperatures are increasing. A dramatic decrease of carbon emissions by 2030 is essential to mitigate detrimental effects on socio-economic development, human health, food security, and ecosystems.

We face pressure to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change and environmental destruction that have mostly been caused by the preceding generations. In particular, members of Generation Z feel a personal responsibility to protect the planet for the sake of our own livelihood.

However, instead of thinking of Generation Z as symbolism of an ending, we must view it as a calling for a new beginning. Generation Green (Gen G) represents a community of people who are optimistic about building a sustainable future and passionate about spreading awareness regarding environmental issues in our community. We need all people, regardless of age, to unite as Generation Green with the common goal of building a sustainable present and future. Establishing a diverse community as Generation Green will enable us to transcend age gaps and work as one to take responsibility for our shared home. So instead of dwelling on the inauspicious symbolism of the letter Z, it’s time to build the momentum for Generation Green.

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