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  • Natalie C

Sustainability Tips: Clothing

Due to recent events regarding global warming, various budding environmental movements as well as the looming presence that is the climate crisis, it is more important than ever to start implementing environmentally-conscious habits into your everyday life. I have compiled a list of tips (and tricks!) to help you go green by changing small things in your day-to-day life.

#1: Beware of fast-fashion and shop at thrift stores/consignment shops instead! You’ve heard of fast-food, now get ready for fast-fashion. Fast-fashion can be categorized as any clothes that are cheaply made and unethically sourced. While the price of these pieces can be inviting (sometimes, anyway) a lot of this clothing goes to waste as, usually, you can only wear them for a few months before they start to get holes in them or are covered in pills! By shopping at thrift stores - or other stores that get their clothing from the so-called “reject bin” (like Pittsburgh’s very own Gabes, for example!) - not only are you saving money, you’re getting quality, unique pieces that will actually last!

#2: Re-wear and love your clothes before you get rid of them! This may seem obvious, but don’t just toss a piece of clothing because the Internet says it’s “out-of-style” or “ugly”. You should be able to where what you want, when you want to! On the other hand, don’t just buy expensive, trendy pieces for that one Instagram pic only to let it sit in the back of your closet until next spring-cleaning: think before you spend!

#3: Donate any old clothing or shoes to your local thrift store! Now, if some of your clothing is really worn/old or just doesn’t fit you or your style anymore, then, instead of throwing it away, donate it to your local thrift store. However, if you still like a piece, but it has a rip, loose thread or a missing button, learn how to fix it or transform it into something new! (keep in mind, if it’s too broken or worn to even give away, when in doubt, turn it into a kitchen rag!)

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