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NJ Bans Plastic Bags

On my recent holiday shopping trips, I’ve noticed a wonderful change. In September, New Jersey state lawmakers passed a plastic bag ban. Over two months later I have finally started to see that change. Lately, more stores are adhering to the new laws and asking their customers to bring their own bags. The ban on plastic bags is an amazing chance for change regarding the environment in New Jersey. On average a plastic bag takes anywhere from “10 to 1,000 years to decompose” (thebalancesmb). Additionally, a plastic bag releases chemicals into the soil as it decomposes. The chemicals that get into the soil sadly find their way into rivers and streams contaminating the water we drink and the animals around us. So I think you can understand why this plastic bag ban makes me so excited! The best part about the ban on plastic bags is that it gives us hope for future change. Although plastic bags are just a small part of a larger issue citizens in New Jersey have to look forward to the upcoming ban of plastic straws “beginning in November 2021” ( For now, shoppers should invest in some large reusable bags for this year’s holiday shopping!

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