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How to be Environmentally Friendly in Quarantine

Now that we are mostly confined to our homes with tons of time on our hands, this is the best time to help out the environment! One of the easiest things we can do while we are home is to try to conserve energy. Personally, when I am attending online school I sit by a window so that I don’t have to turn on the lights. If you must use the lights in your home then always remember to turn them off when you leave the room! The reduction of energy helps to decrease power plant emissions which are known to increase the temperature leading to heat waves and droughts. Although this time may be scary and daunting for many it is important to ensure that there is enough food on the table every night. Planting a small fruit and vegetable garden is a great way to be self-sustainable and improve the environment! Gardening is a great way to produce organic fruits and vegetables, help to reduce global warming, and preserve the wildlife in your area. If you need to purchase seeds or plants for your garden the Metropolitan Plant and Flower Exchange in Fort Lee is still open during these times. One more way you can help the environment is to reuse plastic containers that you get from the supermarket or the plastic containers from places that offer takeout. Personally, my family uses the takeout containers and larger containers that used to hold berries as small greenhouses for our fruits and vegetables. Here’s a great video that explains exactly how to make your own! ( Those are the ways I’m staying environmentally friendly during the quarantine how about you? What are you doing to help the environment during quarantine?

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