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Our Story

As members of Generation Z, we face pressure to mitigate the detrimental effects of climate change and environmental destruction that have mostly been caused by the preceding generations. We feel a personal responsibility to protect the planet for the sake of our own livelihood. 

As we run out of alphabet letters to label future generations, Generation Z may symbolize an ending. However, every ending calls for a new beginning. And so we have created Generation Green (Gen G), and we represent a community of people who are optimistic about building a sustainable future and passionate about spreading awareness regarding environmental issues.


Generation Green is an online magazine founded by Ashley Park (22')  and run by Ayanna Snowden (23') and the Environmental Protection Initiative (EPI) at Bergen County Technical High School. The contributors to Generation Green are passionate about using writing and various forms of art to convey environmental messages to the public. The magazine is updated by members of EPI with new articles, artwork, events, and resources. 

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